Professor James McKenna, an anthropologist, specializes in infant sleep issues. He is the director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory at Notre Dame University in Indiana, US. He has coined term breastsleeping, and focuses on safe sleep practices while breastfeeding and bed-sharing. His presentations will cover the history of maternal-infant sleep in western industrialized societies, biocultural origins of SIDS and colic, and an in-depth look at breastsleeping and the promotion of safe infant sleep. A detailed syllabus is available at the registration button to the left.

The presentations ​will ​cover ​the ​history ​of ​maternal-infant ​sleep ​in ​western ​industrialized ​societies, ​biocultural ​origins ​of ​SIDS ​and ​colic, ​and ​an ​in-depth ​look ​at ​breastsleeping ​and ​the ​promotion ​of ​safe ​infant ​sleep. 

​A ​detailed ​syllabus ​will be ​available ​on ​the ​'Agenda' ​page ​after ​you ​complete ​your ​profile. 

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Healthcare Professional Seminar

Perspectives on Maternal-Child Sleep

December 14, 2017

Presented by James McKenna, Ph.D.